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Great links to the history and stories of the Wye Oak - The Sleeping Giant


The Quiet Giant, The Wye Oak

Maryland's Wye Oak was long recognized as the largest white oak tree in the nation. Its stately presence in the village of Wye Mills in Talbot County had marked the passage of time for many generations. Since beginning its quiet unassuming life in the 1500s, it had seen the fall of a civilization and the birth of a nation. Native Americans, believed to be the Wiccomisses, lived and hunted in the area. The Choptank Trail, which ran down the east side of the Chesapeake Bay, traversing the land from the head of one river to the next, was near the oak. This ancient trail later developed into a road and as the tree grew, its boughs provided shade for the early settlers as they traveled by. The road, which eventually linked Oxford with Philadelphia, became an important cog in the settlement of the Eastern Shore. ...the entire article is on this website


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